The Placement Test is designed to be used before students start new English course. It checks students’ knowledge of the key language areas taught in each level (A1 to C1) according to Common European Framework. It is intended to indicate the starting point of language that is most appropriate for the student. 

In the Placement Test, there are 16 questions for the Starter level and 20 questions for each of the other five levels (Elementary to Advanced). Answer choices are randomized that almost excepts peeping and prompting.

You can use this Placement Test on its own or in conjunction with the Oral_Placement_Test.pdf if you have the time and facilities to interview each student.

            Administering the Test.

Allow a maximum of 45 minutes for the test.

The Placement Test gets progressively more difficult. You can advise students to stop the test if the questions are too difficult for them. Discourage students from guessing.

Students should do the tests on their own under exam conditions. After 45 minutes the program will stop and ask to submit answers.

 Placing Students after the Test.


TEST   SCORE  RANGES                                                          Level

Between 0 and 14 correct answers                           Beginner A1  (Basic Speaker)  

Between 15 and 24 correct answers                         Elementary A1+  (Basic Speaker)

Between 25 and 33 correct answers                    Elementary A2  (Basic Speaker)

Between 34 and 43 correct answers                         Pre-intermediate A2+  (Basic Speaker)

Between 44 and 53 correct answers                    Pre-intermediate B1 (Independent speaker)

Between 54 and 73 correct answers                         Intermediate B1+(Independent speaker)

Between 74 and 83 correct answers                         Upper-intermediate B2  (Independent speaker)

Between 84 and 93 correct answers                    Upper-intermediate B2+ (Independent speaker)

Between 94 and 102 correct answers                       Advanced C1 (Proficient Speaker)

More than 102 correct answers                             Advanced C1+ (Proficient Speaker)

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