STEPS to follow to create a webquest:

1. Follow this link (Service Web-Quest Zunal) 

2. Register in the service

3. Choose the title to your webquest

4. Follow this link to find pictures for your webquest (save them on your computer)

5. Post the picture in the section Title

6. Write a paragraph for Introduction and post a picture

7. Follow this link to find a motivating video on the topic of your webquest

8. Describe the Task

9. Follow this link to find interesting information for your students to read on-line

10. Describe the Process

11. Think about Evaluation

12. Complete the Self evaluation list with your two points Self_evaluation.doc

13.  Complete the section Settings (make your own unique design)

14. Publish your webquest

15. Copy the URL of your webquest, logout, visit your webquest and send its URL to your students and colleagues.

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